Re Roofing Adelaide

re roofing adelaide

Kandu Roofing— Providing Adelaide with Expert Re Roofing Services

Kandu Roofing provides professional re roofing services in Adelaide. As experts with many years of experience, we know how important this investment is. It’s beyond just improving the appearance of a home. Re roofing provides a range of advantages as well.

When we perform our re roofing services in your Adelaide home, we will ensure that all the leaks and damages are fixed. Aside from this functionality, it also helps reduce costs since there’s roof insulation.

Before we perform the re roofing task, we will inspect the property. This will enable us to confirm that there won’t be any implications to your roof’s present structure.

Ask our experts about the materials and colours suitable for your home. We can also organise a cash buyback for your old roof tiles if their quality is still good enough for resale.

The Advantages of Re Roofing Your Home in Adelaide

Letting professionals perform regular inspections and determine whether your Adelaide home needs re roofing allows you to prevent further damages. Among the best ways to get protected from the elements and hide the physical damage is re roofing.

Re roofing your Adelaide homes means that you can improve the outdoor aesthetic of your home. A lot of shingle roofs go through discolouration after some years. Therefore, adding a new layer of shingles makes your roof tougher. At the same time, it gives your home a brand new look.

Re roofing is a quick process. Since there’s no need to remove the roof underneath it, the steps to install a new roof significantly increase. Unlike new roof installations, you don’t have to go back to square one.

Do you want to view our re roofing projects in the area? Browse our gallery.

re roofing adelaide
re roofing adelaide

FAQs About Re Roofing Adelaide Homes

At Kandu Roofing, we provide expert advice regarding re roofing homes in Adelaide. We understand that the entire process can be a huge investment. That’s why we’re ready to answer all your questions about our services.

How much does re roofing cost?

We cannot provide a solid estimate, as the size of the project varies from one to another. The factors that affect the price are insulation, accessibility, and structural degradation. Our professional roofing specialist will visit your home, inspect it, and give you a quote, all for free.

What is your process?
  • Get in touch with us through a call.
  • Set an appointment.
  • We will visit your home for an assessment.
  • We can provide you with cosmetic work after the re roofing. Let us know if you’re interested.
How long have you been re roofing homes?

Our experience stretches over 30 years. That’s why we can ensure to provide you with the best solutions.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Mike Henry, our founder, has a solid background in all types of roofing development. We will always consider your budget and deadlines.

Call Kandu Roofing for an initial consultation. Our friendly staff are ready to answer your questions about

re roofing in Adelaide. Contact us today!

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